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February 2020

Graduate student Yang Wu has joined the lab! Welcome Yang!

December 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Horst on receiving his PhD in Chemistry!!!

October 2019

Congrats to Ben, whose paper on the structure of full-length sGC is published in eLife!

September 2019

Undergraduate student Kristian Bolanos has started working with Ale and Tyler as a research assistant.

Welcome Kristian!

August 2019

Graduate student Kim Houghton has joined the lab! Welcome Kim!

Postdoc Ale Martinez has joined the lab! Welcome Ale!

April 2019

Undergraduate student Molly Hydorn has started working with Tyler as a research assistant.

Welcome Molly!

Congrats to Ben, whose paper on a CO-activated sGC is published in Biochemistry!

March 2019

Congrats to John and Tyler, whose review on PMOs is published in Trends in Chemistry!

February 2019

Undergraduate student Erika Wirachman has started working with Elizabeth as a research assistant.

Welcome Erika!

October 2018

Congrats to Yirui, whose review on H-NOX-dependent signaling is published in ChemBioChem!

Congrats to Yirui and Matt, whose paper on an orphan H-NOX is published in Biochemistry!

June 2018

Undergraduate student Skyler Henry has started working with John as a research assistant.

Welcome Skyler!

May 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Elise Span on receiving her PhD in Biophysics!!

Congrats to Chuck and Joel, whose paper on a novel H-NOX "hinge" is published in ACS Chemical Biology!

April 2018

Congrats to Ben, whose review on NO signaling is published in Nitric Oxide!


Congrats to John, whose papers on PMO mechanism and activity are published in Biochemistry and PNAS!


Congrats to Yirui, whose paper on H-NOX:kinase interactions is published in Biochemistry! 

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